lumbar pain relief

Many people suffer from lower lumbar back pain.  Sometimes the pain is due to an injury to the back, while others experience back pain from chronic wear and tear on the back or from having chronically poor posture in the back.

Regardless of the reason you have lower lumbar back pain, there are techniques you can apply that will provide relief of that pain so that you can better participate in your normal daily activities.  By using these techniques, you can improve your perception of pain and will be able function better as you use your back.

4 Ways to Lower Lumbar Pain Relief

Here are some tips for lower lumbar pain relief that will help you stay pain-free and can help you keep your back strong and healthy:

1. Exercise your back

When you exercise your back, you strengthen the muscles of the back so that they better support the vertebrae, which are the main bones involving the back. You can exercise your back doing activities like Pilates or yoga.  You can also do exercises on weight machines at the local gym.

These exercises will help increase the strength of the back muscles so that you’ll have less pain from the vertebrae that are less supported if your back muscles are weak.

Be sure to exercise your back carefully, using good posture and avoiding overdoing it.  Careful back strengthening can go a long way toward relieving lower lumbar pain.

2. Use ice on the back

If you have pain in your back from an acute injury or from chronic wear and tear on the back muscles, you can relieve that pain using the application of ice to the back.  You can use a commercially-made ice pack to apply to the affected areas of your lumbar spine or can use a bag of ice or even a bag of frozen vegetables.

Apply the frozen ice pack to the lumbar spine within 48 hours of any injury to better relieve the inflammation in the joints, tendons, and muscles of the back.  Ice should be applied for no more than 30 minutes at a time.  After the 30 minutes have passed, take the ice pack off and let the back warm up again before applying the ice again.

Be careful not to freeze the skin on your back by placing a towel or covering between the ice and your skin.

3. Use heat on the back

Heat is especially designed to reduce the spasm of the muscles in your lower lumbar spine. It is often used after 48 hours following an injury because this is the time when your muscles are more in spasm.

Heat can be applied for 30 minutes at a time, using the heat to take the spasm out of the muscles.  Heat can be used alone or alternating with ice.  In that way, you apply ice for 30 minutes, switch to heat for 30 minutes, and then go back to the ice.

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4. Use NSAID therapy

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications can reduce the lower lumbar pain by reducing the inflammation in the back.  Medications like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium act to reduce pain by decreasing the inflammation in the muscles of the back.

Take them as directed on the bottle to better control your lumbar pain without adverse side effects. Always consult your doctor before taking any kind of medication.

The above tips can be used together in order to better relieve lumbar back pain so that you can go about your normal daily activities as pain-free as possible.

4 Ways to Lower Lumbar Pain Relief, what’s your best tip?

Bonus tip: Use a lumbar back support brace.