neck pain relief

Neck pain can be caused by working too long at a computer or from an injury, such as can be found in a motor vehicle accident.

While there are prescription painkillers you can use to ease neck pain, there are also natural neck pain relievers you can use that have much fewer side effects than prescription painkillers.

Some common natural ways to ease neck pain include the following:

4 Tips for Natural Neck Pain Relief

1. The Application of Ice

Ice is a good thing to use right after you have injured your neck or right after you notice the neck pain.  Ice decreases the inflammation of the tissues of the neck so that the pain is less.

You can use a commercially prepared ice pack you purchase at a drug store or pharmacy, or you can use a bag of ice or even a package of frozen vegetables.

Apply the ice pack for 30 minutes at a time to relieve the neck pain and then allow another 30 minutes of rest before putting the ice pack back on.

Make sure you use a cloth or towel between the ice pack and the skin so you don’t unnecessarily freeze the skin by using the ice pack.

2. The Application of Heat

Heat can be used if the injury is at least 48 hours old. This is about the time that muscle spasm kicks in.  Heat is the best way to naturally get rid of muscle spasm.

You can use a commercial heating pad you buy at a drug store, pharmacy or online, or you can heat up a moist towel in the microwave and apply that to the areas of the neck that are the most painful.

If you are using an electric heating pad, set the setting on low and put a cloth or towel between the heating pad and the towel in order to avoid inadvertently burning the skin.

You can also use a far infrared ray heating pad (FIR heating pad).  This makes use of jade discs that give off far infrared ray heat that goes deeper into the muscles than a regular heating pad.

They are more expensive but are worth the investment if you think you’ll need to use it often.

Apply whatever kind of heating device you have for thirty minutes at time, allowing for a 30-minute break before putting the heating pad back on again.  You can also alternate ice and heat for better natural neck pain relief.

3. Cervical Collar

You can use a cervical collar that you buy at a medical supply store or online. It is made from soft cloth that surrounds the neck.  Your chin rests on the cervical collar and you can ease the pain from your neck because you are using less neck muscles to hold your head up.

This allows for the neck muscles to gradually heal.  When the pain is better, you can take the cervical collar off.

4. Massage

A good way to naturally ease neck pain is to have a neck massage.  You can have a loved one do it or you can see a professional masseuse.  The masseuse can direct the massage at the tight muscles in your neck so that you can have less tense and less painful muscles. Another way to get neck massage is to invest in a massage chair.

What’s your best tips for natural neck pain relief?