lower back pain causes

Low back pain is one of the most common types of pain a person experiences.

The back consists of many small bones that provide support to the trunk and help you be flexible when it comes to bending over or twisting the back.

There are many reasons for low back pain.  These are the most common:

4 Reasons for Low Back Pain

1. Muscle Strain

You can lift something too heavy or twist your back the wrong way so that the muscles in your back can become strained. There are large supporting muscles that run the length of the back and many small muscles that help move the vertebrae in certain directions.

When you lift something too heavy either once or several times in a row, you can suffer from an acute musculoskeletal back strain that feels like an aching in your back.  Usually, this kind of pain comes on gradually and isn’t noticed until you’ve finished whatever task it was that caused the pain.

The best treatment for this kind of low back pain is to put ice to the low back and rest until the muscles become less inflamed.  If the muscles go into spasm, you can always apply heat to relieve the muscle spasm.

2. Subluxations of the Spinous Processes

There are spinous processes that come off the vertebral bodies. They form tiny joints with the spinous and transverse processes in the low back to allow for increased movement and flexibility of the back.  You can accidentally twist your back in a certain way so that the tiny joints become partially dislocated, causing a sudden sharp pain in the lower back.

Often it comes on without any type of heavy lifting whatsoever and there are people who have joints that are just a bit more lax when compared to other people so they have this type of back pain come on fairly frequently.

Ice can relieve some of the pain but many people need to see a chiropractor in order to have the joints put back in their proper position.  Carefully twisting and moving the back can help prevent this kind of back pain from occurring.

3. Arthritis of the Lower Back

Many years of wear and tear on the joints of the low back or osteoporosis of the low back can result in arthritic changes in the lower back.  You may feel a grinding kind of pain in the low back and pain when trying to move about.  The pain may lessen somewhat when you rest but it never really goes away completely, especially when the cartilage has worn away and the bones are rubbing against one another.

You can take it easy and try nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for this type of pain, which will ease some of the inflammation. Another way to ease the back pain is to use a heating pad.

If the problem is due to osteoarthritis of the back, you may never completely get rid of the lower back pain.

4. Ruptured Intervertebral Disc

This is when the tough fibrous connection between the vertebral bodies of the lower spine become disrupted and a portion of the soft gelatinous material inside the intervertebral disc spills out into the spinal canal.

The result is severe pain in the low back that may radiate down the back of the leg.  There is very little you can do besides have surgery to remove the portion of the disc that is protruding into the spinal canal.