Natural Ways to Ease Muscle SpasmMuscle spasm can happen any time you have an injury to the muscles.  After the muscles are injured, they go into spasm, which increases the pain and decreases the ability to move the affected area.

Muscle spasm can occur in any body area but is most common in the lower back, neck, and shoulders.

While there are prescription muscles that are designed to relax muscles and relieve muscle spasm, there are natural ways to ease muscle spasm that don’t involve taking prescription muscle relaxants or prescription painkillers.

4 Natural Ways to Ease Muscle Spasm

Some good natural ways to ease muscle spasm include the following:

1. Local Heat

You can use a regular heating pad to decrease muscle spasm. Set the heating pad to low and put a cloth or towel between the source of the heat and your skin so you don’t get burns on the skin from overheating the skin.

Apply the heat for about 30 minutes at a time and then remove the heat for at least another thirty minutes before applying the heat again. Heat applied to the skin will soak into the muscles of the deeper tissue layers and will improve the circulation of the muscle tissue, relieving the muscle spasm.

2. FIR Heating Pads

They make heating pads that give off far infrared ray heat rather than just thermal heat. Far infrared ray heat goes deeper into the tissues of the body so that the deeper muscles can be relieved of the spasm.  Many FIR heating pads contain jade discs that take up heat when the pad is plugged into the wall and release the heat as far infrared ray heat.

These types of heating pads are more expensive than regular heating pads some users swear by it.  They are worth it, however, if you have problems with chronic muscle spasm and want a higher quality product to relieve the spasm.

Just like regular heating pads, you apply FIR heat for thirty minutes at a time, allowing a thirty-minute period of rest before applying the heat again.

3. Massage

You can see a massage therapist who can massage the affected area in order to relieve the muscle spasm. There are different types of massage you can undergo, some of which are better than others for the relief of muscle spasm.

Massages cost anywhere from $75 to $150 per session and it may take more than one session to relieve your muscle spasm.  Massage therapists use deep tissue massage to bring improved circulation to the areas of muscle spasm and can decrease the spasm of the muscles.

An alternative would be to get yourself a massage chair.

4. Hot Baths

You can relieve muscle spasm by soaking in a hot bath.  You can use a regular hot bath or can add essential oils or bubbles to sooth the skin as well.  Soak in the hot bath for at least thirty minutes, making sure that the muscles in spasm are completely submerged in the water.

The muscle spasm will gradually dissipate as you soak in the tub.  A hot shower may help in some cases if you allow the hot water to pulsate on the areas affected by muscle spasm.

What’s your favorite natural ways to ease muscle spasm?