When Arthritis flares up in your hands and fingers it can become very painful and can stop you from doing a lot of your regular daily activities.

Simple things that you normally would have little trouble in doing can become almost impossible to perform.

Most people who suffer from arthritic pain of the hands and fingers think that it is something that they just have to live with.

But, there are many ways to help alleviate the pain and discomfort that is associated with arthritis.

4 Natural Treatments For Arthritis In the Hands And Fingers

1. Heat Treatments

Applying heat to your hands and fingers is one of the best ways in get almost instant relief from your arthritis pain. Because heat can increase the blood flow to the area, therefore increasing oxygen and much needed nutrient to effected area, but also carries away the toxins that tend to build-up in joints.

  • Heating pads can give a controlled temperature and managed time limits so you do not over-heat the skin and cause damage.
  • Hot packs and hot water bottles are can be used. Electrical heating pads are easier to maintain and are reusable, so they tend to be more cost efficient.

2. Natural Herbs

Herbal remedies can provide a safer route for treating arthritis pain than prescription or over-the-counter medications. They can be used as a topical treatment or can be ingested.

  • Ginger Root Tea is a light golden color, and the taste is spicy, hot, and sweet. Besides its more common usage for nausea, Ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever. Most people enjoy its taste so much that it doesn’t seem like taking medicine.
  • White Willow Bark has been proven and used to fight fevers and pain for thousands of years. The white willow tree’s inner bark has a substance called salicin. This is changed to salicylic acid once inside the human body (the compound that makes aspirin is found in salicylic acid). This compound reduces inflammation due to health problems like painful menstruation and arthritis.
  • Cayenne Peppers can restore new life into sore muscles and get your heart beating faster, which increases the blood flow throughout the entire body. The heat that is derived from cayenne peppers can warm up stiff, sore arthritic joints.

3. Creams and Ointments

  • John’s Wort Infused Oil is a powerful oil that makes a great anti-inflammatory and analgesic. This therapeutic oil has been used for many reasons including; arthritis, swelling, muscle pain, and skin issues.
  • Rosemary oil is used to help relieve the pain of muscle sprains and strains, arthritis, and sciatica. The essential oil helps reduce water retention and increases blood flow when used as a massage mixture.
  • Here are a few other creams and ointments.

4. Warm Soaks

  • Epsom Salt Baths helps to replace lost magnesium and sulfate in the body because they can be absorbed very easily through the skin.
  • Epsom salt baths can remove a large amount of harmful substances from your system.


For arthritis pain in the hands and fingers, try combining several of the above methods for even better pain relief.

How do you get rid of the pain in your hands and fingers? I would love to hear what you have to say please leave a comment below,