neck pain relief solutions

Are you looking for a natural neck pain relief solution? Neck pain can be chronic or acute.

“Acute” neck pain is due to an injury.  When we move our neck and feel pain, we learn not to move that way, and the injury begins to heal.

“Chronic” neck pain describes pain that exists after the injury has healed, and pain that never ends.

The difference between acute neck pain and chronic neck pain is important because, without proper treatment, acute neck pain often becomes chronic neck pain.

Tension is a primary cause of neck pain.  Many people tense of the muscles in their neck when they are anxious, under stress, tense or angry.

Computer use is also a very common cause of neck pain.Many workstations have sub-optimal keyboard, mouse, and monitor placement.  If you have work that needs to be done and want to keep your job, you will accommodate to an improperly equipped workstation.

If you have to hold your head at an un-natural angle to view the monitor, then look down at an angle to see the keyboard, and move your arm awkwardly to click the mouse, you will have neck pain.

You may be fortunate enough to supply your own office equipment.  If not, here are some natural neck pain relief solutions to keep your neck pain from becoming chronic.

4 Natural Neck Pain Relief Solutions

1. Stretch

Stand up and move around at least once an hour.  Slowly roll your shoulders forward and backward, and move your head in slow, relaxed circles.

Stretch your arms.  Hold them over your head for a few seconds.

2. Heating Pad

Use a heating pad on your neck and upper shoulders at night.  The heat will help relax any spasms or cramps, and will increase the circulation in the neck area.

If possible, bring a heating pad to work and use it on your break.  There are also disposable, single-use heating patches that can be used.

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3. Proper Posture

Nature designed your body so that the proper position for your head is directly over your hips.  By maintaining proper posture, you will strengthen your neck muscles.

If your neck muscles are strong, they will be better able to withstand any physical or emotional stress they encounter.  If you slouch, or cross your legs, you are putting more strain on your neck muscles.

4. Relax

A lot of folks are tense and don’t realize it.  If you are tense AND have a sub-optimal workstation, your neck have to cope with twice the difficulty.  There are many different ways to relax.

Meditation and yoga work for some, others prefer exercising or being active, while still others enjoy reading or crafts.  If you are not able to spend some quality time with yourself at work, be sure to do this at home.

The goal of these natural neck pain relief methods is to keep your neck and shoulders as healthy and pain-free as possible.

IF you don’t take the time to address your neck pain, it will eventually cause chronic headaches, back pain, and shoulder pain.  Better you use one of these methods than to just ignore your neck pain, hoping it will go away.

Do you have neck pain? Please feel free to share your tips and tricks below. What`s your favorite neck pain relief solution?

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