back pain in from sitting in officeUnfortunately, many people have jobs that result in them sitting all day.  They sit at a computer or on the phone all day and, before long, they realize that they have low back pain even though they haven’t done any heavy lifting as part of their job.

There are things you can do, however, to ease your lower back pain so that you can continue to sit at your job with less pain.  Here are some tips to ease your back pain:

3 Ways to Ease Lower Back Pain from Sitting All Day

1. Use an Ice Pack

You can purchase an ice pack and place it behind your back as you are sitting at your desk. They make ice packs that have Velcro attachments to fit on your lower back that will quickly ease your pain while you sit.

You can also just use a regular ice pack or a bag of ice that will relieve the inflammation as long as you can keep it tucked neatly behind your back.

Ice should be applied to the back for no longer than thirty minutes at a time.  Make sure you don’t put the ice pack directly on the skin of your back or you will get a freezer burn on your back.

Use the ice pack for 30 minutes and then take it off for 30 minute so your back can warm up a little bit while the ice pack cools down in the freezer some more.  You can do this indefinitely as long as it continues to relieve your pain.


2. Use a Heating Pad

If you are close to an electrical outlet, you can plug in an electric heating pad in order to relieve muscle spasm and can get muscle pain relief. There are several different kinds of heating pads you can use.

A regular type of heating pad will just heat up your skin and may not get deep enough into your back muscles in order to relieve your deep muscle pain.

They make special heating pads that make use of far infrared ray heat (FIR heat).  This is a specialized device that uses jade discs that take up heat and give it off as far infrared ray heat. You plug it into an electrical outlet and set it to the right temperature and it goes deep to the skin to relieve spasm as deep as 2 to 3 inches beneath the skin.

They make some devices with amethyst crystals or tourmaline discs that send negative ions into the body for an even better pain relief. These devices are more expensive and the easiest place to get them is on the internet.


3. Use a Lumbar Relief Chair

They make specialized lumbar support chairs that can fit into the small of your back so that the lumbar area is better supported than they are in straight back chairs or chairs that don’t provide a natural lumbar curvature as part of their design.

These chairs can be found at office supply stores or can be purchased over the internet so that you can have pain relief any time you sit down without needing ice or heat.  Lumbar support chairs can be adjustable or fixed to a certain lumbar curvature.  Either way, they help you sit more comfortably with little or no pain when sitting.

Lumbar pain is no fun, whether it is from heavy lifting or sitting too long.  Rather than deal with the pain stoically, you should consider one of the tips noted above so you can sit all day long without experiencing pain or having permanent spasm of the muscles of your lower back.


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