maternity pillowAre you looking for Valentine Gifts for your Pregnant Wife?

Valentine`s Day is just around the corner, and what better occasion than that to surprise your expecting wife with a thoughtful gift that she can actually use.

Being pregnant is the most exciting time and to share that with your wife is beautiful. But you probably also know that it can come with some discomfort, aches and pains. What better way than to show her that you care for her and love her by giving her something that will help make this exciting time even better.

In this article we help you, show your wife that you care for her, by giving you 3 great Valentine`s day gift ideas.


3 Valentine Gifts for Pregnant Wife – Thoughtful Gifts That She Can Use

1. Help Her Sleep Better with a Maternity Pillow

pregnant woman sleepingIf your wife is struggling sleeping OR if she use 4+ pillows in bed to get comfortable then getting her a maternity pillow will make both of you sleep better.

It`s a pain trying to get comfortable stuffing one pillow behind the back, one between the knees, one to support the stomach and one behind your neck…

A maternity pillow makes things simple and comfortable. It`s one large pillow that replace all those other ones. It forms after your wife`s body supporting her neck, back and stomach. Plus she can tuck it between her knees for maximum comfort.

Getting her one of these will surly show her that you care for her. If she has not mentioned a maternity pillow to you, I`m sure she will be impressed that you got out of your way to get one for her.

We review 5 of the top maternity pillows here, so you can pick the best one for your wife`s needs.

2. Organic Pregnancy Gift Set

There`s nothing better than a warm relaxing bath, when pregnant. To make sure your wife and baby are safe give her a gift of organic products that will make the ”home spa” experience even better.

This Earth Mama and Angel Baby set includes safe, all natural organic pregnancy products. The organic gift kit includes:

  • Body wash
  • Wellness spray
  • Body butter
  • Natural stretch oil
  • Organic morning wellness tea.

Everything your wife will need to start the day off right or relax after a long stressful day. This Valentine Gift for your Pregnant Wife shows her that you really care for her.


3. Pregnancy Massage

The added bump can put tension on your wife`s body. Giving her a gift where she can relax and get a little spoiled will surley make her happy. Getting her a gift card to your local massage studio that offers pregnancy massage is a great Valentine`s day gift, a pregnant wife will enjoy.


Bonus Suggestion – Maternity T-shirt Force Strong

Not sure if this is more for you or for her, but it will surely put a smile on her face. If she is a Star Wars fan than this t-shirt will be a winner. “The force is strong with this one” t-shirt  will dress up that little Jedi bump in style.

Get the t-shirt here.

There you have it 3 Valentine Gifts Pregnant Wife – Thoughtful Gifts That She Can Use, (plus a bonus one) hope you enjoyed the article and got some good ideas.

Feel free to leave a comment below with any thoughts you might have,