Large heating pads can be very handy things to have around. They are big enough to be used on large areas of the body and yet can be wrapped around extremities to provide healing relief for ailing extremities.

Here are 3 uses for a large heating pad that might change your mind about having one around the house:

3 Uses for a Large Heating Pad

1. For Back Pain Relief

back pain

Many people do not get satisfactory relief from the small heating pads you can buy at the drug store or pharmacy.  They just don’t cover enough surface area and you need to move the heating pad around in order to get warmth to all parts of the back.

With a large heating pad, you can get warmth to your entire back by lying on the heating pad. As long as the heating pad allows you to lie on it. This heating pad/jade mat will allow for you to lie on it.

As with other uses for a large heating pad, you need to protect yourself from getting burned from the heat emanating from the pad.  Keep the pad on low or put a towel between you and your back so the heat can gently bathe your muscles without burning you.

Heating pads to the low back help relieve pain and muscle spasm in the affected muscles.  They are often used about 48 hours after an injury to the back.

Ice is recommended for the first 48 hours and then heat to relieve pain and to lessen the spasm of the muscles.  A large heating pad can come in handy because it covers the entire back from the upper thorax to the sacral area.

2. Wrapped Around Extremities

Large heating pads can wrap easily around legs or arms, easing pain in the knee or elbow. A large heating pad can cover more surface area and can give pain relief over more than just a single joint.

Take the heating pad and wrap it around the affected extremity, using a towel or strong tape to hold the heating pad in place.

Some heating pads come with straps that can be wrapped around the pad to hold it in place.  Start with the heating pad on low and work up until you get pain relief.  Thirty minutes of heat application are usually what’s recommended for muscle spasm relief.

3. For All Around Warming in Your Bed

You can lie on a large heating pad on very cold nights for all-around heating underneath your sheets and covers. In that way, the heating pad acts like a warming blanket, allowing you to sleep in a chilly room with a great deal of comfort.

Make sure you have a heating pad that allow you to lie on it.

It might be a good idea to put the heating pad down first and then a towel or blanket so that the heating pad isn’t directly touching your skin.

You should also keep the heating pad on low so that you don’t suffer any kind of burns from using the heating pad all night long.  The idea is to warm up the area underneath your covers so you can sleep in a warm environment on a cold night.


These uses for a large heating pad can help keep you warm and can ease pain.  Because they are larger than ordinary heating pads, they can be more useful to you for a variety of reasons.