sciatica nerve explainedDo you suffer from sciatica? Is the pain causing you sleepless nights? Are you never comfortable when sitting in a chair?   Then, take a look below at 3 types of pillows for sciatica pain relief.

The pain caused by sciatica can have a really negative impact on your life. It can make it almost impossible to find a comfortable sitting position during the day and can disrupt your sleep during the night. The good news is that there are pillows available to help relieve sciatic pain. Below, we look at 3 types that are available to ease your sciatica pain.

3 Types of Pillows for Sciatica Pain Relief


1. Full Body Pillow

A full body pillow is an elongated pillow, that is the length of your body.

If you tend to sleep on your side, you may notice that your top leg tends to roll forward and down onto the mattress. This can put a twisting pressure on your lower back, and also irritate your sciatic nerve.

Benefits of a full body pillow

A full body pillow can help relieve sciatic pain in the following ways:

  • It cradles the upper body and knees so provides full body support when side sleeping.
  • The length of the pillow keeps your spine in a neutral position. This helps relieve pain from sciatica.
  • Place it between your knees and adjust the position of your arms and legs. When your spine is aligned and the weight of your arms and legs are divided equally, your muscles can fully relax through the night.
  • A J-shape style is also available that has space for your ear. This is designed to hold your head in a position that results in correct spinal alignment.

The pillows come in different sizes and shapes and are available with a variety of fillings:

  • Down or Polyester
  • Latex
  • Memory foam
  • Water
  • Buckwheat Hulls


2. Knee Pillow

Although you can use an ordinary pillow between your legs, they tend to move during the night, and the pressure of your knees makes them got flat.

A knee pillow (sometimes referred to as a knee cushion) is ergonomically designed to comfortably fit between your knees to provide maximum support and comfort. They have contours and therefore will fit snugly between your knees.

Benefits of a knee pillow:

  • A knee pillow is particularly useful if you sleep on your side.
  • It keeps your legs, hip and spine in correct alignment so relieve strain on your hips and joints.
  • Relaxes your back muscles.


3. Coccyx Cushion Pillow for Chairs

A coccyx cushion is a contoured pillow.

Benefits include:

  • Encourages healthy weight distribution and spine alignment.
  • Assists in relieving pain from sciatica by providing support and reducing pressure on your coccyx or tailbone.
  • Can be used while sitting in a chair in the office or at home, in a wheelchair, when driving or traveling.


The above 3 types of pillows for sciatica pain relief cost only a few dollars and allow you to enjoy days and nights free that constant nagging pain.