Perfect Gifts For Pregnant WomenAt any given time, almost all of us will know an expectant mother.

When it comes time to look for that perfect gift, most of us will tend to lean towards the gift being used for the baby, not mom.

This is fine if the gift will be given during the baby shower, however, what about the mom-to-be?

Most people focus on that bright little bundle of joy that will be making an appearance not soon enough. Waiting on that day to arrive can seem longer to our belly-bulging, back-aching, leg-cramping, waddling mother-to-be, than it is for the rest of us.

So why not consider getting a gift that will make her time seem a little better?

3 Perfect Gifts For Pregnant Women

1. U Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow

This u shaped pregnancy pillow is exclusively made by Blowout Bedding. It measures 60”L x 35”W x 7” H and is large enough to give total body support for mom. This is the gift that she will truly thank you for.

Help her have a more restful night by giving her a pillow that is comfortable as well as supportive. She will have less back aches, headaches, heartburn, and will sleep sound. Its unique design and shape supports her back and belly for better rest.

This purchase will include 1 pillow and 1 removable white zippered protector that can come off easily for a quick machine washing. It will not hold heat that can add to her discomfort. Nor will it lose its shape.

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2. Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

Ugly stretch marks are never something that a woman looks forward to having, even if they symbolize those months of carrying her child. Mom wants her body to recover from pregnancy so that she can feel good about herself again. After all, she just had 9 months of raging hormones telling her how fat and unattractive she was!

This belly butter comes in a 6.5 ounce jar of rich, 99% natural belly butter. It contains cocoa, shea and jojoba butters that work to keep the tummy’s skin soft and smooth. It is a fragrance-free rich belly butter that is specially formulated for moms to be.

It keeps moms skin moisturized during and after pregnancy so there are little to no stretch marks after birth. And, one of the best things about this butter is that it has no phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, or SLS!


3. Therapy Gift Certificate

Hormones are running rampant and sometimes mom gets bombarded with more than she can handle. When mom-to-be is overwhelmed with all the stress and raging hormones, she needs a relaxing outlet to rid herself from the negative buildup. A therapeutic pregnancy massage or a spa day can be exactly what she needs to get back on track.

Giving this gift can help any expecting mother feel better. She can relax, melt away her stress, and have a great time. So why not treat her to a special day that is meant for only her?