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If you suffer from back pain (and many people do), having a heating pad should be an essential thing to own.  There are different kinds of heating pads for back pain that you can use.

Some are easy to find and inexpensive, while others need to be found primarily on the internet and are somewhat more expensive.  Let’s look at the various options.

3 Kinds of Heating Pads for Back Pain

1. Regular Heating Pad

Heating pads for back pain that you find at your local pharmacy involve a pad that has coils that produce heat embedded in the pad.

You basically plug the pad into the outlet and set the heat to low, medium, or high.

Some come with their own coverings to protect your skin from being burned, while others require you to put a cloth or towel between the pad and your skin to prevent burning of the skin, especially if you have the heating pad on high.

The regular heating pad generally just heats up the skin and some of the underlying muscle tissue.  If you have superficial muscle spasm, this kind of heating pad will be effective in reducing your pain.  These types of heating pads are cheap to purchase and run about $20-$30.

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2. Jade Heating Pads

Jade heating pads for back pain are best purchased over the internet. They are pads of varying sizes that have a mesh that covers discs made of real jade within the mesh.  The heating pads are electrical and can be plugged into the outlet.

You can often set the exact temperature you feel is most comfortable and can put the heating pad directly on the back.  It is a good idea to use a cloth or towel between your skin and the pad to avoid burning the skin, especially if you set the pad to a high level of heat.

The advantage of jade heating pads is that they are fit to provide you with far infrared ray heat or FIR heat.  This type of heat doesn’t just heat up the skin but goes deeper into the tissues, allowing for resolution of muscle spasm in muscles as deep as 2 to 3 inches beneath the skin.  They are more expensive than regular heating pads for back pain and cost around $100 or more if they come in a larger size.

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3. Jade Heating Pads with Amethyst and Tourmaline

You can buy these types of heating pads over the internet.  They have the typical jade stones in them to provide far infrared ray heat to the deep muscles of the back but they also provide negative ions by having embedded amethyst crystals and tourmaline discs in the pad as well.

The addition of amethyst and tourmaline provide the negative ions that have health benefits far beyond relief for back pain.

Negative ions are felt to help in reducing toxins in the body and improve other bodily functions.  These heating mats are more expensive than simple jade pads and can cost up to $200, depending on the size.

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There are several different kinds of heating pads for back pain you can consider.  If you have chronic back pain that is unrelieved by using regular heating pads, invest in a more expensive FIR heating pad that can reduce your pain more effectively and are generally worth the added price.

Hope you enjoyed our article –  3 Kinds of Heating Pads for Back Pain.

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