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Shoulder Pain can be very debilitating, especially when it is chronic. It can hinder you from doing many extra-curricular activities as well as carrying out your simple every day routine. Many of us don’t realize exactly how much we use our shoulders in any given activity until we have an injury.

The cause can be muscular, skeletal, or nerve related. But no matter the cause, pain is still pain. Medication, ice packs, and heating pads can all help, but there are also exercises that can help strengthen and increase the mobility of the shoulder.

Here are three shoulder pain exercises that can help reduce your pain.

3 Shoulder Pain Exercises

1. Shoulder Circles

Shoulder circle exercises are little miracle workers when you are suffering from stiff, aching shoulders. This exercise will help in mobilizing your shoulder muscles, which can cause a release of the tension in your shoulders along with your upper back and neck.

How: Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, and keeping your back straight. Exhale and roll your shoulders forward and up. Now roll your shoulders backward in a smooth motion until you complete a full circle. Then, repeat the exercise by going in the opposite direction.

2. Shoulder “Y” Formation Exercise

The American Council on Exercise actually suggests the shoulder “Y” formation exercise to gain upper body strength to support stability and mobility in your shoulders. This exercise can help reduce the amount of existing pain and prevent a lot of future soreness and stiffness.

How: Start by lying on your back, and put your arms at your sides. Bend your knees up and firmly set your feet on the floor. First, tighten your stomach muscles and then slowly raise your arms up and over your head so that your body forms the letter “Y.” You must keep your elbows straight and do not bend your back.

Continue to extend your arms until you can touch the floor with your thumbs, then, hold that position for at least 30 seconds. You can then return to the beginning position and do a few more repetitions until you reach the point of fatigue. For injured shoulders you do not want to push past this point or you can risk further injury.

3. Shoulder Extensor, Adductor and Retractor Stretch

We all know that stretching exercises can reduce the tightness in your stiff, sore muscles and improve the flexibility and strength in your shoulders. This exercise will target a wide range of muscles interlay around the shoulder area.

How: Start by standing inside an open doorway and place your feet on the threshold shoulder-width apart. Next, with your thumb pointing down, smoothly and slowly move your left arm across your chest toward your right shoulder. Now, place your left hand on the right doorjamb at the level of your shoulder. Slowly turn your midsection to the left, but only until you feel the stretch in your left shoulder.

Again, you don’t want to over-rotate an injured shoulder. You can repeat this exercise on the opposite arm.

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3 Exercises To Reduce Shoulder Pain hope you found it helpful. What`s your tip to ease the pain?