For an expectant mother, the Holidays can bring on a whole new meaning. Christmas and New Years can have her focusing on her child’s growth and happiness. It can be a wonderful time for the mom-to-be.

But, as she’s focusing on the future, buying all those wonderful things for her new arrival, Dads are trying to find the perfect gift for her.

It’s great to give her some of the items that she is looking at buying for the baby; cribs, bottles, monitors, diapers, and the like, but what about something for HER?

Because most expecting mothers no longer think in terms of her alone, her and her baby become one, she has no idea of what she might want for Christmas.

So, Dad, it’s up to you to find her that perfect gift. Buying Christmas gifts for a pregnant wife is tough, and you may have something special in mind already, but if you don’t, try one of these ideas for your soon-to-be-mommy:

3 Christmas Gift Ideas For Pregnant Wife 2017

1. The Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Expecting mothers will go through a whole host of physical issues as the baby grows. By using the Snoogle body pillow, she can lay on her side without having the baby’s weight pulling on her back.

She can align her spine to ease aches and pains that are normal pregnancy related issues, for a better night sleep. Relieving stress and body aches can help the mom-to-be get more rest and have more energy to get her through the day.

Help her have a more restful night by giving her a pillow that is comfortable as well as supportive. She will have less back aches, headaches, heartburn, and will sleep sound. Its unique design and shape supports her back and belly for better rest.

Read more about the Snoogle Body Pillow Here!


2. Spa Therapy Gift Certificate

Hormones are running rampant and sometimes mom gets bombarded with more than she can handle.

When mom-to-be is overwhelmed with all the stress and raging hormones, she needs a relaxing outlet to rid herself from the negative buildup. A therapeutic pregnancy massage or a spa day can be exactly what she needs to get back on track.

Giving this gift can help any expecting mother feel better. She can relax, melt away her stress, and have a great time. So why not treat her to a special day that is meant for only her?


3. Bathing Oils, Lotions, and Diffusers

Aromatherapy can be one of the best gifts that any woman can receive! But during pregnancy, it can mean so much more. Because the Holidays are already a very hectic time, for an expecting mother it can become even more so, despite her joyful frame of mind.

As long as the water temperature is kept cooler and her soaks are limited in time, there is no need to worry about the baby. In fact, she can have her 20 minutes of bliss every day until the new arrival shows up! Give her the gift of relaxation in her own space!

What`s your gift ideas? Share your Christmas Gift Ideas For Pregnant Wife 2017 below!

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