27-christmas-gifts-for-fitness-loversComing up with the perfect Christmas gift can be hard. You want something that’s unique and special something that the person will really enjoy and appreciate.

To find a suitable gift you need to know what the person really likes and enjoy doing. It sounds like you have that part figured out already. The person you are shopping for is a fitness lover, right? Knowing that, is a great step in the right direction.

In this article, we will help you out with some gift ideas. We will give you some suggestions that your fitness lover will really be able to use and enjoy.

See this list as a ”brainstorming” session, where you can get some great ideas going, and finally find that perfect Christmas gift.

Let’s get going…


27 Christmas Gifts for Fitness Lovers


10 Fitness Tools for Your Fitness Lover to Use at Home

Staying fit, takes hard work and time. Going to the gym on a daily basis, is not doable for most of us. To be able to get a 15 minute work out in, at home though, is probably somethin we all could make time for if we want to. Setting up small stations in the basement, garage or living room is a great way to get that exercise done at home. There are a few things a few tools that can help make this easier. Here are 10 Fitness Tools for Your Fitness Lover to Use at Home:

  1. Ab wheel roller
  2. Jump rope
  3. Dumb bells 
  4. Punching bag
  5. Chin up bar
  6. Exercise ball
  7. Resistance band
  8. Exercise mat 
  9. Weighted bar 
  10. Home gym 

Most of these take very little space and can easily be put a way when not used. Great fitness tools to consider.


7 Christmas Gifts that Help Your Fitness Lover Relax

When that exercise is done, it’s nice to relax and let the body recoup. Getting a massage is not only relaxing it also has a lot of health benefits. It increases blood flow, it can also help with tension, stiffness, and flexibility. Not to mention the positive, feel-good feeling that you get from it. You don’t have to go to the masseus (although that’s nice) everytime you want a massage, you can enjoy it and relax with some other helpful massage devices.

Another great way to help your fitness lover relax is by using heat treatment. Heat also increases blood flow, it helps with quicker healing and gives you that cozy feeling. If you take the heat treatment even one step further and include natural stones like jade, you really have a winner. Jade mats give out negative ion and transfer far infrared heat that has many great health benefits. Here are 7 Christmas Gifts that Help Your Fitness Lover Relax:

11. massage chair
12. foot massager
13. back massager
14. neck massager
15. heating pad
16. jade heating pad
17. massage gift card at your local spa

You might want to pick up one of these for yourself as well. Great way to help you relax and super cozy during the winter months.


10 Gadgets, Perfect Christmas Gifts for Fitness Lover

If your fitness lover also loves gadgets, then one of the items in this section will be perfect for them. Keeping track of your fitness progress wheater it’s checking walking distance, keeping track of exercise programs, how many glasses of water you drank, weight or more there are gadgets or tools to help. Maybe your fitness love, enjoy extreme sports then helping her/him record that using a camera could be a fun experience for both of you… There are a ton of fitness gadgets, we list 10 gadgets here, Perfect Christmas Gifts for Fitness Lover:

18. fitbit
19. fitbit scale
20. go pro
21. wireless earbuds
22. water bottle with storage
23. power vibration plate
24. heart rate and fitness tracker
25. cooling towel
26. health o meter Digital Measuring Tape
27. quell, natural pain relief.


There we have it, 27 Christmas Gifts for Fitness Lovers. Did it give you some new ideas? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below,